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Dylan Ioannou-Booth:

Could anybody add to my list of what I should buy starting out, I literally am starting from scratch, I currently own a a book on electronics, but these are the items are plan to get:

Adjustable Wire Cutters - $35
Utility Knife - $20
Two Digital Extech MN47 - $120
Set of Screwdrivers - $24

My friend has ordered me a beginner kit for electronics, just contains the minimal like LEDs, Jumpers, Various Resistors, ect.

So if anybody could add to this list that would be great.

I am in no position to recommend good tools seeing that I also am barely beginning but I can only redirect you towards this excellent post which helped me a lot a couple weeks ago when I went ahead and purchased my first tools : http://kennethfinnegan.blogspot.fr/2011/06/so-you-want-to-build-electronics.html

I hope this helps a bit. And good luck !

Did you watch Dave's video on how to start a home electronics lab? No need to go crazy and spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, you can do a lot with the basics.

A soldering iron / station, obviously, unless you want to limit yourself to solderless breadboards. If you want to do any SMT work, a sharp pair of tweezers. No need to spend more than a few dollars, DealExtreme has some decent ones under the Weitus brand for something like $2, for example. Some small needle nose pliers to grip larger components bending wires, for example when desoldering through-hole components. Some way of desoldering, like wick or a solder sucker.

There are some useful tutorial videos on tangentsoft.net. He discusses the basic equipment in the first video.

In regards to your screwdriver set...

$20 - http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/online-store/products/SCA-71-Pce-SCREWDRIVER-SET.aspx?pid=287370#Description
$24 - http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/online-store/products/66Piece-Screwdriver-Set.aspx?pid=299404#Description

You don't usually need so many, but since you wanted to spend $24, I show you what I find a bargain.
Are you buying your tools together to save on postage? It might be dearer but I think you should do it one at a time and not buy something that you don't need.

There is almost no way I would recommend getting two of the same meter.  Get two different meters that offer slightly different advantages or disadvantages of each other.


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