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Fast, high power IGBT or MOSFET

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I am looking for a fast, high power IGBT or MOSFET (400-600A and >1000V). The switching frequency of the application is around 60kHz, hence the device needs to be able to switch as fast as possible. Here is one that I found that would be quite suitable but very expensive from Farnell.


Here is the data sheet

This device can handle 900A, which is over kill for my application, well rather it is overkill for my budget. The total switching time is 1.29us (worst case 125 degrees.) That is 15% of the switching cycle at 60kHz. Not good by any means but bearable for short periods of operation. My application could use as much current as possible.

If you have not guessed the application is a large singing Tesla coil so the bigger the better as far as current rating goes.

I have been trawling the suppliers pages looking for something with comparable or better switching times rated at about 400-600A. I have found a couple but nothing that really grabs me as being outstanding.

If anyone knows of anything that can beat these switching times and still handle 400-600A then please point me in the right direction. Having a gate capacitance of under 50nF would be good too, and a anti parallel diode Trr as low as possible obviously. (sound like a kiddie asking Santa for a bike I know).

what about paralleling more than one mosfet ?, your asking for everything in one package thats got to be either unobtanium or very exspensive

Devcies like this are always goinf to be expensive - surplus on ebay is your best bet to find something cheaper.

i posted in another forum that i want to drive a nearly 1 ton boat with small 32HP engine, due to budgeting/funding reason. and then i realize that i have to be realistic, and start thinking on how to get the fund for a bigger engine :-\ ... or else... settle for a smaller boat (load/spec)

well at those power levels choices do become tough and any old thing will not do


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