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So finally ima start my true electronics studies at school i finish my calcs, my physics and all the prerequisites  to get into the EE program.. So i have play with arduino from turning on an LED on to building a small robot. Also i done a bit of straight AVR but not much, so my C programming is not that great also the only analog electronics i have done is playing with the 555 and few basic things...

So should i go ahead and start working on my C programming or finally read "The art of electronics" and learn analog?


congrats. do it all, if you can, analog, programing digital etc etc.


--- Quote from: Mechatrommer on March 18, 2011, 02:56:58 pm ---congrats. do it all, if you can, analog, programing digital etc etc.

--- End quote ---

any recommendation on which one to do first?

ok, since you ask me. first programming, then digital, and then analog. i'm sure alot of people will answer backward. but thats just me ;)

Start with whatever interests you most or whatever you think is most important to you.

I personally started with analog, then digital and finally software. I mostly work with power electronics which is mostly analog with some digital and sometimes a little bit of software. On the other hand, my friend Tiffany Yep, a digital communications engineer (and a model), specializes in software and only needs to know the basics of digital and analog circuits.


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