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Fluke 289 last firmware?

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Could someone please tell me which is the latest firmware for Fluke 289? I pickup from Fluke's website firmware 1.1 being listed, my Fluke says 1.12, something does not really match?

One more thing, how do you distinguish between the EUR and non EUR model? Read somewhere in here that EUR is the face-lift model of 289 after February 2011, but how do you tell which one do you got?

Thank you.

Its best to contact Fluke, firmware updates some times can become a tricky story.

my 287 is version 1.10 but that is a US model.

Richard W.:
My 289 also shows firmware 1.12

That EUR in the model name is maybe an identification that the supplied probes meet the requirements for the new EN 61010-031.
EUR because it fits EURopean standards?

The most important changes are:

- conductive parts on probe tips for CAT3/CAT4 not bigger than 4mm (for lower CAT  not bigger than 19mm)
- conductive parts of closed croc-clips must be insulated

(it's ridiculous, i know. Almost as ridiculous as the lettering "DANGER! HOT!" on coffee cups.)

Fluke can be sometimes late when publishing new FW so its best to ask your dealer of Fluke directly


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