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Hi there.
I'm currently going mad because I bought some cheap flux from china.
I'd like to buy (in EU) a good solder flux: the one I have (mechanic) works well, but smells bad and leaves some sticky residue that is almost impervious to IPA (it actually comes clean only with US cleaning and a specific US pcb cleaner solution).
So no more of it, can you recommend something that will do the job, won't have to be refrigerated and can be used without having to clean the pcb with an angle grinder afterwards?

I know everyone has their favourite, but as long as it's available in the EU I'll take the best I can afford!

Mechanic UV-10  :popcorn:

Mechanic UV-559 for high activity flux.  :-//

Remove with flux off in a spray bottle, and a tooth brush. Or, if you can get it in your country, Benzene

IPA is bad for removing flux, it doesn't get rid off everything, and after it dries, it leaves white residue.

thanks. We can't get benzene easily here. What is "flux off"?


TME.eu will ship cheaply in Europe and it's a European company...

The available items vary depending on country you chose, I chose Italy for the links based on your flag

Fluxes  :  https://www.tme.eu/it/en/katalog/fluxes_100484/

The ones from AG Thermopasty are OK, for example I've used the TK series ( rosin based, no clean) without any problems. Little residue, no cleaning required, but you can clean with isopropyl alcohol if you want.

50 ml for  2 eur + vat and shipping : https://www.tme.eu/it/en/details/flux-tk_50/fluxes/ag-termopasty/art-agt-044/

100ml for 3.45 eur + vat and shipping : https://www.tme.eu/it/en/details/flux-tk_100/fluxes/ag-termopasty/art-agt-045/

500ml for 14 eur + vat and shipping :  https://www.tme.eu/it/en/details/flux-tk_500/fluxes/ag-termopasty/art-agt-075/

Gels ...

100 ml for 20 eur : https://www.tme.eu/it/en/details/topnik-zel_100/fluxes/ag-termopasty/art-agt-089/

or 20g paste can for 3.5 eur : https://www.tme.eu/it/en/details/wel.lf25/fluxes/weller/t0054002699n/

You can also get it in spray shape ... ex  100 ml for 5 euro in spray can , Rosin RMA (mildy activated) : https://www.tme.eu/it/en/details/flux-lt4_100/fluxes/ag-termopasty/art-agt-235/

or this 200ml can for 9 eur : https://www.tme.eu/it/en/details/10_200/fluxes/kontakt-chemie/74509-003/

if you want flux cleaners they're around 13 15 euro

flux off 200ml   https://www.tme.eu/it/en/details/ch-es896be/cleaning-agents/chemtronics/es896be-flux-off/

This one is a bit stronger, 25-50% acetone, check msds documents .. rest is other solvents and chemicals, so you may want to not spray over plastics, printed text, the acetone may wash the ink off, or smudge it.

400 ml  for 15 eur https://www.tme.eu/it/en/details/pcc_400/cleaning-agents/kontakt-chemie/84013-006/

this one is mostly isopropyl alcohol and ethanol , so a bit milder, but should still clean well.


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