Author Topic: From no parts to decent stockpile, best approach?  (Read 108883 times)

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Re: From no parts to decent stockpile, best approach?
« Reply #200 on: December 12, 2018, 12:00:27 pm »
Reading you guys "talk" and remembering the days I used to live in the US it makes perfect sense.
Now that I live in Brazil it is border line ridiculous.

There are NO Digikey/Mouser type of sellers here. Forget about the "new" or high end stuff. If you want that you will need to order from the US and pay an INSANE shipping cost and nearly twice the price of your order in taxes.

Now for the fun part. The Chinese do not offer free shipping for Brazil, even worse, 90% of the sellers stack the shipping price for each item. For ex: Seller X sells 7805 and charges 10.50 for shipping. If you want their 7805 and the 317`s you will pay the price of the goods PLUS 10.50 PLUS 10.50 even though they are sending on a single package.

You guys complain about ebay being flooded with fake parts? Our eBay (mercadolivre) is ONLY fake parts.
We have NO factories manufacturing semi conductors so everything is imported

The mail service in Brazil charges a standard value OVER the shipping you already paid. So for every package that comes through the mail (international ones) you pay the regular shipping fee PLUS around $4 (R$15 our currency is called Real) PER package.
Also, they do not alert you that you have a package so you have to manually input the tracking on their website, hope they can track it, then keep looking to see when it arrives here, after that wait for them to tell you to pay their fee only THEN it gets sent to you home. If you dont keep an eye, after 30 days they send it back to the sender and no one is the wiser.


After all this BS

This is what I do:

Resistors and electro caps are easy to get. So I order plenty.
Now I make a list of the most used semiconductors.
I buy lots of them from China from the few sellers that dont want to rip me off with the shipping fees.
Every month I start making a list of things to buy and add them to the cart on Aliexpress.
Pull the trigger at the beginning of the next month
So then I wait 2 months
To fix the things I bought the parts for.

Crazy, isnt it?

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Re: From no parts to decent stockpile, best approach?
« Reply #201 on: December 24, 2018, 01:38:17 pm »
brazillian here, its very hard to get stuff down here in the jungle. The scanning fee is only for packages declared over 50USD, so I keep my orders below that. Also digikey delivers here, i just have no idea about the shipping and i think taxing would be pretty much a lucky dip. So i buy in bulk, 50 dollarydoos at a time. It's christmas year round! I'm starting my inventory by just typing "(component name) kit" into aliexpress and sifting through stuff. I just took delivery this morning of my first few packagings (its a christmas miracle!). Also helps to be a bit of a vulture and get stuff from old electronics, I asked people to hold back on chucking some stuff in the bin and give them to me instead

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Re: From no parts to decent stockpile, best approach?
« Reply #202 on: May 10, 2019, 07:25:06 pm »
I started out as a beginner buying 3mm led kit, 5mm led kit 1/2 watt resistor kit, 1/4 watt resistor kit, small electrolytic kit, cermanic caps kit, zener kit, 1 package of (100x) 1n418, a few lm7812 and a few 7805, a few ne555 timers, lm358,lm386,4017, lm324, ua741, 8 pin dip socket, 14 pin dip socket, 16 pin dip socket nylon stand offs, brass standoffs, heat sinks kit i made myself, heat shrink kit, dupount connectors kit, header pin kit, breadboard jumper wire kit, rectifier diode kit 1n4001-7. various transistors i bought in sets of 100.

I have a long skinny plastic bin for solder pulls(used parts i pulled).

I store all motors, transformers, and larger items in plastic bags in a box under my bench. I literally have 1 quart size bag of every color wire i have pulled from scraps separated by color.

When I buy components i always by 100 or more. When I replace resistors etc, i buy 100 or more of that value. Same with leds or anything else small. Larger stuff like transformers i usually only buy one or two. Large caps i buy about 4 or so of each. Case fans, fuses etc about 4-6 of each. I 3D print most of my storage boxes, but i have found floppy disk boxes and recipe card boxes from goodwill useful as well.
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