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From no parts to decent stockpile, best approach?

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Terry Bites:
Radio hams are dropping like flies! >:D


--- Quote from: Terry Bites on January 25, 2021, 05:40:58 pm ---Radio hams are dropping like flies! >:D

--- End quote ---

What are you trying to say here?   

This actually brought up one question in my mind, do hams maintain the sort of parts stocks that modern experimenters need?   Seriously I'd kinda question if the Ham kicking the bucket today really has anything for somebody involved in digital systems.    I've seen a few ham shacks and sometimes they look like pre microprocessor tech wise.

I guess a few do as not every ham is 100% focused on RF technologies but yeah I've seen museums with more modern electronics.

Only thing I can tell as advice is to tell my story.
I started from basically no parts with buying various resistor, transistor, diode, led, button, wire assortments as well as various Arduino clones and shields as well as LCD and OLED displays on AliExpress. I also bought several beginner and starter kits which all had various mixed items (sensors, actors) in them.

When I started doing my own, more complex projects, I also started to stock specific parts which I then was sourcing from Mouser and that's where I am now, sitting in between metric craptons of assortment boxes and parts magazines...
Also: find some reliable, decently fast supplier, where you can get parts within a few days or even immediately. You'll never be able to stock ALL parts.

Any suggestions for where to buy a "kit" of logic ICs; AND, OR etc in Canada? I've seen one place selling individual ICs for about C$.95, which isn't too bad.

I don't know about a "kit", or even Canada, but Futurlec carries a lot of chips for cheap.


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