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From no parts to decent stockpile, best approach?

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Chris Bennett:
Now I know why my parts kit sucks. Molence brand.
My Dupont leads, Elegoo. Corroded.
Breadboards, Rexqualis. Terrible fit, probably corroded too.
Breadboard jumper wires, too soft. But the manufacturer claims that on the page. At least they are honest. Bojack brand
Onelinkmore banana plug to BNC converters are also steel and the banana plugs ends are steel too. Terrible fit on banana plug ends
All of the above was cheap, but I will spend more in the future.

ElectroCookie seems to have nice solderable breadboards, but I haven't tried using them yet.
They appear gold plated and the holes are metallic through to the other side.

Makeronics breadboard and their banana plug to breadboard jumpers are silicone and look copper colored at the jumper ends.
Not steel.


--- Quote from: alexanderbrevig on August 18, 2015, 10:13:00 pm ---Hi again guys, and welcome to the next installment of beginners (played by me) asking the wise and omniscient professionals (that's you) stupid questions.

I'm a software developer trying to get into EE and circumventing 10 years of gathering parts and test equipment.
The first thing I did was build a workbench, and acquire the . Now onto the tedious part; components!

What is the easiest way to get a decent stockpile of components?

My main goal is to be able to prototype most ideas.

Is there something like the (now discontinued) Seeedstudio Open Parts Library but for everything?

I need resistors, caps, inductors, chokes, ferrites, crystals, TVSs, fuses, diodes/zeners/bridge rectifs, transistors, leds, triacs, voltregs, op amps, audio amps, logic ics, optoelectronics, some sensors, wire and connectors.

I'm tempted to make a 'reel to plastic bag' robot and make these kits myself if they don't exist.

Any ideas and pointers are much appreciated!

--- End quote ---

Good day.
1. Get a couple of SMD Enclosures from Aidetek so you may keep thousands components in ESD protected boxes. This will cover your reel to bag thing.
2. When dealing with uC and most circuits, you develop your own set of skills and come up with the list of most used parts for: ADC; voltage dividers; pull up resistors; leds and its current limiting resistors; etc. Buy those parts in thousands or even reels. Example: 100pcs of smd resistors are $0.1 each. In reels: $0.001
3. When decide what uC you like most, buy them in large quantity so you don't get short on the quantity. Thousands.
4. Use good/fair soft for managing your stock: BOOMIST


--- Quote from: wagon on October 03, 2015, 03:29:24 pm ---You can also rat old machinery and stuff for good bits.  For example, I ratted a huge photocopier today.  I scored a 5V 20A power supply, a 24V 31A power supply (has M6 bolts for output terminals!),  various beautiful DC motors with shaft encoders and a great big pile of driver boards.  No doubt there's good bits in all that crap.  I might start a thread about it.

--- End quote ---

For some bizarre reason I recycled an old fly-tipped flat screen TV this weekend  :palm: - not so much salvaged, apart from a few spiders (some de-soldering practice) and a dubious power amp?

still providing some entertainment

Wallace Gasiewicz:
At the radio shop we get people dropping off collections of parts, mostly resistors and caps, mostly with leads for thru hole. Lots of gen purpose transistors and fets.
Sometimes entire drawer boxes with parts. Sometimes expensive parts show up like .1% resistors.
Lots of xtals, mostly weird ones though.
They really have little use for these things.
Other radio repair guys have the same experience.
If you have a radio repair shop anywhere near, you might try to see if this is their experience. Look for CB shops also.
I'll bet you that they would let you take a bunch of different parts for a donation of say $5 or $10  I sure would.These guys are too busy to organize the parts and take them to a hamfest or flea market.Sometimes a really good old breadboard shows up and no one has use for. Some of the older ones are very high quality.
Stuff like that.


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