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From no parts to decent stockpile, best approach?

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nick liu:
And I tend to not use sockets for DIP parts so I can't really re-use them for the next project.


--- Quote from: michaeliv on August 19, 2015, 01:18:13 am ---I would recommend AliExpress instead of eBay if you are looking for the lowest price and can wait a bit more ( In my experience electronic components are cheaper ~20-50% on AliExpress than eBay, there's a bigger variety, but AliExpress sellers do take time to ship out items, some ship immediately, some after 1-2 weeks).

--- End quote ---

Just be very careful ordering electrolytics off Aliexpress or eBay sellers in China, you're probably going to end up with Sacons (Suncon namesquatting) or Rulycons (Rubycon namesquatting), one of a million fake Nichicons, or that brand that sounds like Fuiyoh which should be called Haiyaa.


--- Quote from: nemail2 on February 10, 2021, 03:28:23 pm ---You'll never be able to stock ALL parts.

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Challenge accepted.

Perhaps many of us started out in school days unsoldering parts from scrap computer boards, or ex mil equipmant. Pro kit does tend to contain higher than average quality parts, such as high stabilty resistors,  tantalum and other expensive or even exotic parts, much of which is reusable. Ebay unused job lots can be usefull and new sets of caps and resistors can provide a wide selection. The sort of parts you will need depends on the sort of work you plan to do, but common parts, resistors, caps, transistors and diodes, opamps etc,  can form the base of a working set. Then, specific items, as projects require them, a few more than you need, to build up a small stock. Takes time to get it all together, but after a year or few, you can end up with a good selection of parts, without always hiving to go out and order stuff. Here, boxes of all sizes, recovered and new parts, that make any what if type project much easier. Don't forget a good quality soldering iron, cutters, pliers, screwdrivers as well, as having the right (or close) tools for the job makes life much easier, improves workflow, and mental state. You'll probably make buying mistakes along the way, but experience will provide sharper focus over time. Electronics here originally, a house and storage full of collected junk, but mainly embedded software for decades now...


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