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FTDI FT232 and PIC16f628a

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I make USB to serial "module"(it's worked OK, I try to conect on terminal with putty, and connect together TX and RX, all work FINE), and now I want for beginning, turn LED on my circuit with PIC(I made this standalone, without PC)...

I use MPLAB and CSS for programming in c.

Now I need "help" to programme in visual c or anything else to make "driver" for ft232?

Any example, links?

no need to make the driver. just choose your OS and download the D2XX Driver from here http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/D2XX.htm
you can as well download the VCP Driver for the programming, but that is an older mechanism.

I assume he's talking about programming the PIC side.  I don't use PIC's, but there are plenty of serial libraries out there for them.

No,I have:
- win7 x64
-Usb->Serial (FTDI) (ft232rl) link1, Link2
I have connected on PC, all drivers are OK, win7 recognised ftdi as COM4.....
-temperature sensor ds18b20

For beginning I want to make programme(application) in Microsoft Visual Studio(Visual C++) that can read values from PIC via SERIAL->USB(RX,TX). I don't know how to started but I want to learn it. I'm also beginner in programming PIC's, I programming them in MPLAB and CSS!
Schematic is:
http://www.bloggang.com/data/uten-microcontroller/picture/1241095854.jpg]LINK to Schematci

Is anyone make this, any useful link?

have u connect the usb->serial to pic? any picture? whats your progress so far on programming side. Now TheDirty confused me already, i'm not sure i understand anymore :(


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