Author Topic: How many bits does this audio CODEC has when recording (TI's TLV320AIC3204)?  (Read 234 times)

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The audio CODEC TLV320AIC3204 does not specify in the datasheet the number of bits directly.  There are some mentions about 24 bits and 192 kHz in the programming guide, thought not sure if its ADC is capable or not of 24bits/192kHz.  The noise figures would rather suggest a 16 bits ADC than a 24 bits one.
Here's the docs, what is the max number of bits/sampling rate that this IC is capable, please?
- product webpage
- datasheet
- programming guide

I have it on a TI devboard (eZdsp C5535 USB), and would like to use its ADC to measure the distortions from a low THD Wien bridge.

Is this CODEC's ADC 24/192 capable or not?

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Hi, my name is Pedro! I'm starting to use this forum.

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The ADC is only capable of 93db SNR, line 3 in the features in page 1.

And this is only with the pre-amp gain set to 0db or less with the minimum amount of distortion while sampling a source signal at ~ -6db, or half amplitude.  Yes, sampling the full amplitude reveals additional distortion as seen on figure 25 on page 43.

Only use this device for consumer audio, do not expect studio grade performance even if the data bus has more than 16 bits.

As for the true bits of the ADC internally itself, it is not specified.
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