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Got Ampere metering in a wrong way with Brymen BM829s

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Hello good people!
Need some help with my multimeter - Brymen BM829s.
I'm a beginner to clarify ))

So, I've done the BIG mistake by using the DMM for taking A measurements directly on a 220V socket. And the house circuit responded with a nice spark.
I was completely wrong with this. Already know this.
However, how can I check that the DMM is working?
And how can I check the fuses?

I assume that the fuse on 10A is broken.
There is no more "beep jack" sound for input error on the Brymen, as it was before.
When I tried to check the resistance (with the same DMM), there was a signal on µA probe input, but there was no signal on A/mA input. Does it mean that the fuse is dead on A/mA?

P.S. I do not have another multimeter to do some direct tests.

Any hint or assistance will be really appreiated.

You won't do that again will you ?  You'll have to open the meter up. There should be 2 fuses . One should been 10A and one should be around 600mA . Pull the 10A fuse and check for continuity . If no good , replace fuse and see if the meter works. Also check the smaller fuse and replace if required. 
If the meter does not work then you'll have to buy another one.

And stop messing around with mains power until you have a lot more experience . Please.

You can check the meter by trying the other ranges (V/Ω) to see if they are working fine.

As Jwillis said, to verify and/or replace the fuse you need to open the meter. The post below shows a few pictures of its internals and the 10A is the one on the left


(edit: much better pictures)

To test if the fuse is working, you can either make a simple circuit with two AA cells, a LED and a few wires to see if the LED lits up when it connects to the fuse.

                  |\ |
    ______________| \|__________
    |             | /|         |
    |             |/ |         |
    |             LED          |
 ___|___                      ---
   ___   2 x AA               | |
 _______  (3V)                | | Fuse
   ___                        | |
    |                         ---
    |                          |

Also, I reiterate what Jwillis said: don't do this again. We have all done such things and I know by now that you will never forget this experience. Good luck!

Do the other ranges work - e.g. does a new AA cell show ~1.6V?
Or if you short the probes in the resistance mode?

I think your meter is fine except the 10A fuse is blown.


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