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Hi i am new to electronics and am looking at the gw instek gds-820 150Mhz scope what do you guys think it is new old stock as it had been replaced with a new model the dealer is asking £300 what are your views on this scope and the price?


thanks in advance


100MS/s means about 10MHz bandwidth in single-shot mode (eg. many digital signals, or start-up behavior). The equivalent time sampling rate is mostly marketing (although I'm sure it will meet its 150MHz bandwidth spec with a nice, repetitive sine wave). GBP 300 does not seem that much cheaper than a current Instek or Rigol (not sure about the current price with shipping/duty/tax), which would be preferable in my opinion. 1GS, 50/60MHz and 1/2Mpoints is IMO preferable to 100MS/s, 150MHz and 125kpoints, but it depends on your applications (if you mostly look at repetitive signals around or beyond 50MHz, the GDS-820 may be a better buy).

This recent thread about the Instek GDS-840C may also be informative for you.

well i could not see the true sample rate but then i didn't read the whole page telling me about all the lovely software functions. if it is indeed 100MS/s it's not good value for money. The Rigols are 1GS/s

thanks guys this scope still sales from cpc for around £500 i think i will take a wide birth and look for another scope the think is £300 is all i can spend at the moment i have a good soldering station, fluke 87 mk3 meter i have built a small function generator ( which works) to my suprise so just need a scope to see what i am doing


get a 50MHz rigol and hack it to 100MHz, you won't be sorry, even with 50MHz you can do plenty


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