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Hantek DSO5102B or Owon SDS7102

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Brought the owon in the end, mainly as i can get in locally in aus. have any questions ill try my best to answer though somewhat new to this.
First up no idea what I'm doing... i always just dive in head first!

Have 6 weeks off, looking for a new toy :) main reason: hoping to build a sensored 3 phase brushless controller to stick on my bike with all the features i want and learning more about microprocessors(for controller and "other"), also considering a radio licence :)

I'm leaning towards the Hantek DSO5102B, the competition is the owon SDS7102, there was also the rigol 50MHz (hacked to 100MHz) but decided i don't like the tiny screen/possibility i cant hack it/not native 100MHz, any reason i should reconsider?

The Hantek
$50~ more but can be hacked to 200MHz
Seems to have a much nicer interface and GUI, button placement, menu placement, default info on screen
screen 1" smaller then owon but my eyes are fine and has better usage on realestate :)
optional internal battery in owon is a non issue for me
1M seems like enough memory to me, the owons larger memory seems to come at a cost according to this vid
--- Code: ---www.youtube.com/watch?v=djRr2GwXb54 how do u stop vids embeding?
--- End code ---
(which is somewhat old) saying its all "medium capture rate" for all sizes insted of fast speed for smaller memory amount and much slower on large memory amounts. Is the hantek similar in this regard?
VGA on owon is nice but not a big issue to me
LAN on owon, any real advantage? USB 1.0 12mbit is faster then 10mbit ethernet? owon has usb 2.0, don't know if the bandwidth is used though?
trigger out on owon only runs at 23Hz(also from above video) or slower depending on settings. is this typical for pricerange/Hantek?
pass/fail test on owon only runs 12 tests/sec. Is this also typical/same as hantek?
From the above videos Creator the hantek firmware is unstable and freezes often? cant find a rev log of firmware version log, has this been updated, vid was afew months old?

Comments on both relating to
Included software?
Ease of importing exported data to PC for pass/fail tests, serial protocol decoding(is there software that dose such a thing? other benefits?), other?

Dose anyone have either of these scopes that would suggest other big +'s or -'s

too little info about actual usability

thx ;- )


--- Quote from: osarus on February 04, 2012, 12:30:55 pm ---
The Hantek
$50~ more but can be hacked to 200MHz

--- End quote ---

Owon SDS7102 new improved version is allready 200MHz. No need even hack.

(btw, this review is made with old hardware with old FW)

Yeah i just found the post about that, thanks rf-loop. One thing off the list.

I did ask about firmware in post, i tried to find a firmware revision log for both, but coudnt find any firmware downloads at all for owon? are there no updates for it?

Interesting thread. i am also between those scopes. The Hantek side has a small lead now.

Is there a review with the now owon fw?

Reading this post with much interest as I am toying with the idea of buying a Owon SDS7102.

rfloop would be so kind as to post a link to where you found the information regarding the new 200MHz firmware as I am unable to see a SDS7102 with this BW advertised. ;)


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