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A friend of mine asked me to repair some headphones the other day. The only problem was general wear where the wires come out from the end of the jack. I cut the jack off and went to add a new one but I couldn't figure out which wires were the left and right channel. I tried to pull the rubber coating off the the old jack to figure out how they were soldered on but goofed it up so badly it was useless.

I know very little about audio signals so my question is how I can best test the headphones to figure out which side is left and right. I am assuming I can feed in a sine wave in the audio range and listen for a tone in headphones but I don't want to damage them in the process. Is there an amplitude limit I should stick to? Some other places have suggested putting a 1.5V battery across the terminals and listening for a pop in the headphones, but I am skeptical of that approach. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I've done the 1.5V battery thing many, many times.

The 1.5V battery will work but don't do it with the phone in your ear - it's really loud.

you can sometimes use you meter in low ohms mode

That won't tell you which is left and which is right though.


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