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Hello everybody I'm new comer

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    Hello everybody I'm new come here. I very like making gadgets in my room, that is my hobby. My room is a studio ;D I'm not American, I'm chinese student, this is my first time to regested in a blog abroaded, so my English not as well as you. In fact I want you learn lot of electronic knowledges, feeling the different ideas and opinions with us. May be I am not very custumed to use this forum, may be cause metter please contain.Analog electronic is my strong point , also audio amplifier is my adventage whatever made by TUBE or TRANSISTER but not toooooooo complex~~~. In this forum, I will try by best to help someone too! ;D ;D ;D ;)

Welcome. The first step you may want to take in learning more english and communicating better is to install a spelling checker on your browser although we will probably understand what you meaning is even with bad spelling. I hope you enjoy your stay

Welcome, I think your post is very understandable given English is not your primary language.

One thing we lack here is a good link to interesting events in China about electronics.  Could you post your favorite links and help us translate?

welcome dragon. ni hao ma?

Ernie Milko:
Your English is certainly better than my Chinese!


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