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Help! Total beginner- Just recieved my new UNI-T multimeter and I've killed it

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Sorry State:
I'm a real beginner. I treated myself to a UNI-T UT61D (as reviewed in the $100 test). So I started using it, I tested a 9V battery for Volts and Amps and that worked fine. Then I thought I'd test an agricultural eclectic fence. At first I had the red and black cables on the same piece of eclectic fence wire no great result so then I kept one cable on the electric fence and I touched the other cable to a non-electrified metal sheep wire fence under the eclectic fence. 

There was a slight click from the arc of the electric fence being short circuited (which is normal if you touch the fence with anything that will conduct.) Except the Multimeter has gone dead.

In the manual it has a way of testing to check if the fuses are blown, except it requires the display to work. But mine is just dead.

Could an electric fence really kill a Cat III 1000v multimeter? I am so p*ssed off right now.
Any help appreciated

aren't electric fences on the order of 10,000 V?

I haven't heard of a fence lower than 2kV, and that was a tiny unit meant to wire 30 feet of flower patch to keep dogs out. The farms around here that I've been to use 10kV fences for livestock fencing.
It's most likely your fuse, but the voltage is high enough that it may have arced across traces in the case. Even if the fuse is toast the meter should power up. I'd pull the fuses and the leads out, swap the battery, and see if it turns on. If not I'd suspect that the voltage arced inside and fried something sensitive. Is it still under warranty?

I wish you luck. :)

That's a crazy story ... that's how it sounds to me at list ...

You should pay a visit at the Nearest Church, light up about 50 candles , and Glory the Lord ..

This multimeter saved your life ... keep it as souvenir for ever.

There is special tools for voltages above the 1000V mark.
They called as High voltage probes.

Now you know ...  :)

so whats the verdict on the Uni-T? should a descent meter survive this? should we ask Dave to re-test Fluke beyond its limit? if the fence is 10KV, then thats a 10 times abuse test... wait...
i re-watched my saved Dave's 4KV DMM Blow. I'm not sure how much energy the fence got. But by right, there is possibility of DMM explosion. Luckily your just went dead silently. ;)
opening the case and post the picture here to see whats happened inside will interests me.


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