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Hi, Folks!

I'm a noob in designing electronic circuitry and I hope you guys can help me!

I'm facing an issue to deal with ESD!

My electronic circuit is a LED string powered by a switching integrated circuit (IC) that supports up 60V@1A and 500 V ESD.

I’m powering the circuit with 48 Vdc to feed 16 LEDs which sum about 46 Vdc at 700 mA. I’ve no problem to operate the system, LEDs work fine for a long time until I decide to put some stress.

For stress, I just manually unplug the power wire (48 Vdc) and plug it again – as you guys know, 48 Vdc generates a small electric arc (ESD) which is sufficient to breakdown my IC and ruin out the regulated current  :(.

So, in searching to find a solution, I found transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diodes as an option, but I do not know how to size (select) a proper device for my application. Also, I’m not sure if TVS will help me!

Please, help with!

Thanks a lot!   


Interested in the answer myself.

I think the problem is somewhere else in your design.
But as the circuit is secret, I can say no more.

my silly mind would be looking at something like (no this one doesn't meet your voltage spec)


since I am guessing it is not an ESD problem but an inrush problem...

Hi, Benta!

I think there are no problem with the design- I guess.

The LEDs run well and the problem happens when I put an ESD in the power line!

I plugged my oscilloscope probe in the input and I saw peak-to-peak voltages (e.g., 120V) far higher than the maximum voltage supported by the IC (65 V).

Afterward, I connected a TVS diode in parallel with the main line and no more transient voltages were noted!

I'm still running my test and ASAP I find the solution, I'll make you guys knows!

Thanks a lot!


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