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Some Equipment Choices
« on: December 22, 2016, 10:08:47 pm »
I recently acquired some test gear from the ITT auction.  All of it is school grade stuff but since I didn't have some of these pieces, it's an upgrade.

PSU - Currently I have an Elenco XP-720 with 10-turn pots.  It works well except it does not have any meters.  I acquired a B&K 1651, a GW Instek GPD-3303S, and a GW Instek GCP-3020.  I was just going to keep the 3303S but should I hang on to the B&K also (it is silent)?  (3 supplies total too many?)  The 3020 is huge and the fan is so loud that I can't see keeping that one.

Freq Counter - I got a B&K 1823 and a GW GUC-2020.  I was planning on keeping the B&K.

I made a mistake and bought a GW GOS-6112 scope but I already have a Rigol DS1054z.  Any reason to keep the GW scope?

Also I picked up a GW GDM-8135.  Right now I only have my B&K 2709B handheld but I was planning on keeping the bench model unless there is a reason not to.

Any thoughts?


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