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Hello, I have one battery lamp, where i use cheap 3W LED elements like these:

Does anyone know how much approx lm/W these elements produce(warm white), 100lm/W is realistic?  I use 200mA current this 3W elements.

 I found product, where is 210 lm/W E27 full lamp https://www.electronicsweekly.com/blogs/led-luminaries/philips-goes-210-lm-w-bulbs-fanfare-done-earlier-2021-08/  , here is filaments, but can i  find somewhere 1-5W and single chip LED elements, which produce 200 lm/W or higher efficiency? Or what do you know highest chip efficiency LED elements and where can i buy them, thanks.

Terry Bites:
If their figures are ture, they give P as  @ 0.7A and Vf=3.4 or 2.4W
@ 240lm this conveniently comes out at 100lm/W that sounds about right.
You need to take viewing angle into account when designing your lamp.
The wider the angle the lower the flux per unit area.

Okey, 100 lm/W is probably correct value, but where i find similary LED chips but 200lm/W efficiency like my second link, where is 210lm/W E27 pulb?


--- Quote from: Qrdi86 on November 25, 2022, 12:49:14 pm ---Okey, 100 lm/W is probably correct value, but where i find similary LED chips but 200lm/W efficiency like my second link, where is 210lm/W E27 pulb?

--- End quote ---

Not available to us mere mortals.

Certain countries are allowed these bulbs. This is some kind of super-weird New World Order thing, given that everything else is regulated for best possible efficiency. While it is perfectly possible to make a 200 lm/W LED bulb, and reasonably inexpensive to do 150 lm/W bulbs, the actual market in our "free Western market" is from 50 - 110 lm/W, absolutely nothing above 110lm/W, no matter how much you want to pay. This applies to both fixtures and bulbs. It feels like after the "pandemic" it has got even worse, all I need are some kitchen light fixtures but I have now set a principle I will not buy anything below 90 lm/W yet it is now difficult to get fixtures even 100lm/W in Finland!

You need to import them yourself from some freaking Saudi Arabia or whatever, I already forgot where you can get those forbidden LED lights, because they are actually manufactured, just not for us.

Or just design and build your own lights.

Regarding your question, note the Ebay LEDs are total crap. If you are lucky, they work at all. Maybe 50 lm/W, maybe 100, who knows.

Open distributor web page and play with filters. They have lm/W as a filter. Example:



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