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How compact can you make a component storage area?

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I'm downsizing a lot because I'm expected to move into a smaller place soon which got me to thinking what can I do to downsize my component storage area, which got me to wondering how compact could you make your component storage bin area?

What would you do for storage of components if you were forced to move into a tiny apartment?

(Possibly moving into a caravan or tiny home)

All of the various random component drawers that I've bought over the years and none of them being compatible. So I'm in the market for a new storage system.

I was wondering if this would be a good way to store components? By simply using these small plastic boxes as detailed in the link and attached photo and stacking them in a box. Labelling them first and then making up a paper notebook with all of the component descriptions.


Looks good.  I saw that the dividers are removable for larger parts.  How many do you think you will need?

Probably about 20-30. I'm looking to expand into SMD components and ICs and moving out of discrete components for the most part.

If you don't mind wrapping anything ESD sensitive in aluminum foil those will do well enough for ICs and smaller through-hole parts if you put a very thin sheet of foam under the lid to stop small parts jumping compartments.

SMD parts are best left in their tape and put in purpose designed pockets in a binder.   

For SMD, thousands of parts will fit into a single A4 sized binder, as Ian said.



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