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how does posting math notation work?

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I'd like to post a question with a math formula. I think there is a way of doing it but see no instructions.

Go to MathJax sandbox to get your syntax right, for example like this: http://jbergknoff.github.io/mathjax-sandbox/#JCRjPVxzcXJ0e2FeMitiXjJ9JCQ%3D

Then paste the formula into your post surrounded by double dollar signs:
The reason for using the sandbox is that preview doesn't work in the editor here, so you need to use an external tool to see what your formulas will look like before posting.

Thank you.

But is there a list of notation codes somewhere? as it is I use two programs with different methods of doing the same thing, I am sure this will be a third.

It's basically LaTeX math notation. I usually Google that to find tutorials and crib sheets.


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