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how much does a resistor weigh?

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im trying to buy a 1 1/2 lb box full of mix resistors and i need to know how much an individual resistor weighs?

an exact weight or estimation would be appreciated. thanks

The common 1/4 watt resistor (CF 1/4): http://www.seielect.com/Catalog/CF-MDS.PDF

thanks so much.

why you want to know? the only business that i can think of that do care of the weight of such small item is in the space industry.

Uncle Vernon:
how much does a resistor weigh?

A: Exactly half the combined weight of two identical resistors!   ;D

If we knew exactly what kind of resistor we were dealing with a more precise answer could be possible.

one of these weighs more than one of these
or one of these .


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