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how much power can a little condenser mic take?

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I've got a system for a megaphone,  and it looks like I need 800mW, to go from the microphone, into my amplifier.

Will 800mW blow a condenser mic?

I mean one like this->  https://au.element14.com/kingstate/kecg2740pbj/microphone-miniature-electret/dp/1299885?gclid=CjwKCAjwzaSLBhBJEiwAJSRoktb0JIx-EwXirrsTLD2rjfobXcJB-gIDI-fPao3Y3FanpY_Gc0lRPRoC8KAQAvD_BwE&mckv=_dc|pcrid|501152839127|pkw||pmt||slid||product|1299885|pgrid|123988903131|ptaid|pla-293946777986|&CMP=KNC-GAU-GEN-SMART-SHOPPING

how much is sound level in dBA?

Sorry,  I dont know how to convert watts to decibels.

if I'm not mistaken, 0.8 W is about 10*log(0.8/1e-12) = 119 dB SPL

Usual electret condenser microphone like this one has acoustic overload point at about 130 dB SPL, so probably it should work ok even at very close proximity to the source. But I don't see such specification in your microphone datasheet, so I'm not sure...

thanks alot!  :)


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