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How should I clean the mess made by battery acids

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When I opened a UPS stored for a long time, I found that its acids got leaked.  I can't wash it with hot water as its PCB is inside.

What other method can i use to clean it? please refer to images

Neutralize it with baking soda dissolved in water, then scrub it with a brush or scouring pad.

Yusuf Alsaedi:
Going off of what james_s said, Definitely neutralize the acid with baking soda and water. I would also make sure to afterwards, scrub it well with white distilled vinegar, using something like a dish sponge.

My first question would be: "what kind of battery leaked?".  Lead-acid will obviously need a base like bakin' soda to neutralize, but if that was caused by a notoriously leaky alkaline Duracell, what leaked might be a hydroxide and need an acid to be neutralized!

Don't use vinegar.  Vinegar is useful for neutralizing alkaline electrolyte spills from Alkaline, NiCd and NiMH batteries, not sulfuric acid from Lead Acid batteries.

Follow James' advice above then wash off the baking soda neutralizing solution with water, and finally dry as much as possible with tough paper towel then hot air, paying particular attention to any joints and crevices.

If the corroded areas are significantly pitted, you may need to treat them with a phosphoric acid based rust remover, then an etch primer to prevent rapid rusting.

@Antenna: UPS batteries that have swelled and leaked are almost invariably Lead Acid batteries.


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