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How to simulate ATF22V10CZ PAL ?

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Hi ya!

I've recently been assigned a school project wich involves using an ATF22V10CZ PAL programmed as an Arithmetic and Logic Unit.

I've done it already, but we needed to test it physicaly after all the theory. My question is: If it isn't possible to test the programm physicaly in a test set, is it be possible to simulate the process? If so, with which software? I have Orcad PSPICE, LogiSim, LTSpiceIV, CircuitMaker2000 and MultiSim, but I couldn't find the ATF22V10CZ PAL in any of them.

Thanks in advance and my best regards to everyone!


It's funny that you mention this as I am currently doing some work with these. Go to the Atmel website and download "WinCUPL", it's a CUPL compiler and has a functional simulator which allows you to do what you want.

Hi David!
Thank you for the reply!

I am using WinCUPL already to program the PAL, problem is the simulator is not very user friendly and I need to do some simulations now and then.  I would like to have something like multisim where it would work with the simulated PAL with the code I inserted in it. Seems like no one simulates those as I can't see anything on the web.

Unfortunately no one really supports CUPL/ABEL now as it is superceded by VHDL and Verilog. Saying that, I think Protel 99SE might allow you to compile and simulate it...

Thank you very much for the support Mr. David !

I'll do more research but I'm forced to believe that I won't have success. Is just for example, if I want to debug my code, I have to do it by hand on paper or burn the PAL and test it. It's not very practical/fast and to burn it I'm required to be in the lab where the equipment is.

Best regards,



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