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Is there any way to include current limit indicator circuit. PFA.

One way is to use another BJT to sense the voltage between pins 2 and 3 with a resistor in series with the Base. The best resistor value might need to be found by testing. A 1K to start with.
The indication can never be trusted to be precise.

I guess it wouldn't hurt to drive an LED with a few mA using the REF pin as the supply.

There is a chance that the indicator BJT might never turn on enough. To fix it, a high value resistor might need to be connected from the REF pin to the Base of the indicator BJT.

Hi to all,

           How this circuit is having control on Current????
                                  R11 should be 240ohm or 120 ohm but in the circuit it is 4.7K. does this affect the q current of regulator.

          what is the function of T1,T2,T3,D8,D9 in current regulation???


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