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I destroyed some SMD caps....Help!

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Hi Guys here's the pic of the destroyed caps.  I wrecked them with a screwdriver whilst trying to remove a hybrid module on a plazma TV Z-sus board.  I didn't see them because they were hidden under a heat sink.  Please can someone tell me what I need to do to order these parts.  All these capacitors in this row have an ESR of .5 or thereabouts.  I measured them and I think they are of the 0805 variety (10ph - 4.7uf).  I unsoldered one of them and my tweezer DMM won't measure nf.  Even if I knew the value of the cap how do I know the voltage and wattage requirement for a replacement?  This problem is really getting to me.  I have been all over the world trying to get an answer.  So far I haven't been able to get hold of a schematic - it's an LG 42PX5d Plazma TV and the Z-sus board number is 6871QZH056B.  If I can't fix it soon my dear wife is going to hoof the lot out.

It's very had to get schematics for modern TVs as they're generally not worth repairing and if they are few technicians bother to debug down to component level, the usual answer is just to replace the entire board.

You could try replacing them with somethng generic like 100nF (typical for decoupling) then if it doesn't work replace the board.

they seem to be all in parallel, maybe a noise remover? are you sure the tv wont turn on without these? try any smaller smd caps you can get. maybe they can work.

eBay has the whole board.  Judging from your grammer I suspect you are from the UK or the like. Here is a link to your board. I suggest get the board, pop it in and be done with it. Believe me you'll be glad you did!!!


Power rating is mostly based on the package, so as long as you get the same package I wouldn't worry. If you don't know what the voltages on the board are, just get the highest rated capacitors you can buy.


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