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Well, me, with my absolute just basic skills is trying to figure out why my old man's LCD monitor stopped working.. ;D ;D

The monitor is all black, no life at all, so I suspect the power supply... after some measuring, some googleing I now think the fault is in the inverter, wich is a full bridge inverter board, there is a total of 4 small IC's, that is connected to some high voltage transformers, the pcb around these IC's is miss coloured, may been some excessive heat going on...

I think (I may be totally off here.. ;D) the  IC's are some sort of powertrench mostef's, but I can't find any info about them, the number is P600 AD2T13.. I don't like to put my probes on the pins before I know what's what...

Anybody know of the P600 AD2T13

is that everything that is written on the IC?
also check to make sure its 100% correct, sometimes the letters can be easily misread.

jepp, 100% sure it's correct..

But after some more troubleshooting, and re-soldering off some bad joints, and the change off one diode the LCD is (for)now working, meaning that these IC's most likely are good...


Good job for making a strike against our throw away society.


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