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IC that reads gray code from an encoder, keeps count, and gives current value

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Hey EEfolks,
So is there a type of IC that works like a driver/peripheral (I'm not sure of the proper terminology) that

* reads gray code data from an encoder
* keeps count of the ups and downs (i.e. in a signed integer)
* can give the current value by series/parralel transmission to a µUC
* resets by %CU command
* can alret the master µCU by interrupt if the value is getting too high (or to low if negative) for the count variable?
I explored the possibility to programm an ITtiny for this task, as it can be less expensive and perform the exact functions I want, but if there is any simple, cheap and even less voluminous solution, I'd wish to hear about it.
Thanks for reading!

30 years or so ago such chips were available via normal channels.
Now they are completely obsolete, and the people who sell them also know that.

But no worries.
They're only obsolete because the world has moved on, and 2-bit grey encoders are still common.
The hardware for such encoders is integrated many microcontrollers these days. (Most of?) the STM32 microcontrollers have gray encoder functions built in in their timers for example, but other manufacturers also similar peripherals in their microcontrollers.

Well it is cheaper to program a µCU that includes software de-bouncer.

What is the electrical interface specification for your encoder?

What speed will the encoders be operating at?

There was a recent discussion of reading multiple rotary encoders with an Arduino. Thread has lots of ideas including sample code:


--- Quote ---can alret the master µCU by interrupt if the value is getting too high (or to low if negative) for the count variable

--- End quote ---

If you use a powerful enough MCU you can combine the encoder reading with your main application. Sometimes this is the best way to proceed.


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