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ADAU1701 alternatives for simple audio DSP project?



I would like to play around with audio DSP by making an FIR filter.

I know that the ADAU1701 https://www.analog.com/en/products/adau1701.html can do what I need, but it is hard to get.

Maybe TI's TAS3204 https://www.ti.com/product/TAS3204 is a good alternative?

In terms of device specifications, I am unsure what I need. The impulse response I will use is: momo, 24 bit, 48kHz sample rate (truncate to 984 samples) and the ADAU1701 can handle this.

What specifications should I look for in finding an alternative?


Any old Cortex M7 with an i2s codec is plenty powerful. What sets the ADAU1701 apart is that it doesn't require any programming, you can't for instance make a FIR filter with it. You can give it a small set of FIR filter coefficients and it will do it, but you're not the one making the FIR filter program.

The Teensy I think has the biggest hobbyist community programming audio DSP not on PCs (lots of DSP plugin development for PCs obviously). There's also the Bela DSP, which can do thousands of taps of straight FIR filtering. Don't think anyone implemented zero latency FFT based filtering yet unfortunately, so if you want multisecond reverb or room correction you'll have to implement that yourself ... the ADAU obviously ain't going to do it either though.

Everything which is not ADAU requires more programming though.


That’s really helpful to get the big picture.

The problem is availability of micros, but it’s good to know that this is not really a computational difficult problem and can be handled by even old hardware.

So the ADAU seems a good route or the Teensy if I want to do the programming myself. I will contact the Bela folks too.




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