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Interesting video on getting DIY IQ constellation diagrams on an oscilloscope


Interesting to see that a (small audience) YouTuber generates constellation diagrams on a scope we all have. Would work with 2 channels (I, Q) but what I found refreshing is that he uses the logic channels of his scope to feed in bit, symbol and even pseudo random sequence clocks to trigger the scope for different views.

Probably not news for many, but since this is the beginner forum (and I am one) I wanted to share it:

Apart from the experiment, he explains quite some fundamental stuff as well as explains how to use various instruments. For that reason I have watched hours of Dave’s and Signal Path’s videos. Not for repairing it (focus of the latter and impossible for me to replicate), but to see the inside (open it!!) and see it being in use. This YouTuber is giving you a lot on the the “use it” part.

(I will be using his method for debugging clock recovery of a real signal)

OMG! never really thought about such an application of oscilloscope. Thanks.

Noticed the maker is a frequent EEVBlog contributor: @RBBVNL9. Linking him probably doesn’t work though.


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