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Inverted Output Enable

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Hi All,

I've noticed that IC's with an "output enable" pin of some kind are often inverted (1 = disabled, 0 = enabled). I was curious as to whether there is some historical or technical reasoning behind this.

Take care,


It always puzzled me too, I guess it is because they are easy to drive with open-collector outputs.

imo the software IDE is made by the hardware guy, they are not good at encapsulating things, no offense! ;D

it may have something to do with driving the IC's on a system bus, but i'm not sure how exactly.

We were taught that it's to do with/came from when a system isn't functioning or loses power, you can detect that a high has gone low when it's not working/loses power but if it's already low then it's undetectable. In general for active low, not specifically for CS/OE.
That's a pretty crap explanation but I'm sure you can get the jist :P


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