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Is there an easier way to solder these?

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Trying to solder wires onto the little tabs that are at the bottom of a potentiometer.  The POT I have is an Alps RK097 but a lot of these seem similar.  I'm wondering how you are supposed to solder wires to the little tabs at the bottom.  Perhaps you just aren't supposed to? Perhaps the are designed to be soldered to a PCB maybe.  Not sure, but plenty of people DO seem to be soldering wires to them for the particular build I'm trying to do (headphone amp).

The tabs don't have any holes in them, they are simply small little tabs of metal - you can just about see them in this pic:

I am managing to do it - just, but it's fiddly, the connection doesn't seem *that* strong, and I'm wondering if there is something I'm missing here - perhaps some little connector I'm supposed to be using.

Any ideas?

Wrap the wires around the pins, then solder them.

They are supposed to be mounted on a PCB (through-hole).


--- Quote from: BoredAtWork on March 09, 2011, 10:07:42 pm ---They are supposed to be mounted on a PCB (through-hole).

--- End quote ---

Was just about to type the same, you might be able to make a small pcb just to sit the pot on and take wires from if you want to mount it on a case and no close to the main PCB

It might fit on a stripboard, what's the distance between the pins and are they arranged in a grid pattern?


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