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Knockoff calculator, or just cheaper production run?

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My go-to calculator has been a Casio fx-260solar.  It's not a high-end scientific, but it does the basics well.  It's also nice and small, turns on quickly, and runs in lower light than my old TI-36X Solar.  I just got a new-in-package one on eBay for use in my basement workshop.

Turns out, though, that this new one is slightly different than the other one.  It's not the completely new redesign that Casio did that has the weird patterned/textured body.  It's just very slightly different.  The length, width, and thickness are all slightly smaller.  The cover is a poor and too tight fit.  The original is made in China, the new one in Malaysia.  But the worst offense is that the keys are the awful soft keys.  Ugh!  So awful that I can't use it.  I love using the original, though.

So I was wondering if Casio would have actually spent time doing this slight (and worse!) redesign.  Why make new molds for the plastic?  Why go from China to Mayalsia? (pre-pandemic).  Or if this might be a knockoff?


I don't think it was knocked off.

Does it show 9.00001568547 or something else?


Yeah, and they both have the same value.

Just a wild guess that maybe you got a device intended for third country market or something. These things happen. Sometimes supposedly identical bottle of coca cola is not exactly same taste and quality in US or EU compared to third countries. So who knows.


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