Author Topic: Latching Continuity Tester with Auto Reset Design Critique  (Read 2238 times)

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Latching Continuity Tester with Auto Reset Design Critique
« on: April 06, 2015, 12:31:47 pm »
Hey Guys,

I've been building a latching continuity tester with an auto reset for my bench. I'm still relatively new to electronics and this is the first "complete" circuit I've designed for actual use in the real world.

I've attached a fairly detailed schematic:

I've breadboarded this circuit and it seems to work fairly nicely. The goal is to run it off 2xAA batteries. I haven't completely optimised the power consumption of the tester but I would like to spend some time on that soon.

I would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism or ideas on better ways to build such a circuit.
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