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learning C for pic

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--- Quote from: Hypernova on November 22, 2010, 03:41:09 pm ---Of course not for FPGA's, those take hardware descriptions not software instructions.

--- End quote ---

Actually there are translators for using (non-ANSI) C/C++/SystemC on FPGAs, though I'm not sure how popular this is.

well I don't know what the future holds. currently my pic projects are small, basically replacing a number of IC's with one pic or doig some simple math function that conventional IC just would not do (unless I made my own mcu out of them  ;D). But with the future in mind and the rest of the programming world speaking C I guess I should too

i was emphasizing TheDirty's point beyond mcu domain. that post should not be taken seriously, as it is clearly OT or OD (out of domain). and i cannot prove 100% of my statement, but i'm certain it will not be basic or delphi or others, non that i have heard. FPGA is not a true native programming, ie serial execution, its just connecting wires among gates in varying different manner, afaik.

and i'm only talking basic versus c in pics


--- Quote from: Simon on November 22, 2010, 11:35:29 pm ---and i'm only talking basic versus c in pics

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i'm trying to talk globally, to show the importance of C, so any newbies reading wont wander far off. if you know it earlier, you would have been a competent C programmer by now. and if you really get what i mean (my implicit semantics) you'll further rant just why not you have started opening the "bible of C" 10 yrs ago. But i would like to keep the option open as to not being marked as a funboy. Cheers ;)


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