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ok so people keep telling me that I should use C not Basic (still don't know the advantage but then I don't know any C). So what should I do ? I currently use the mikroe Basic compiler, is their C compiler recommended or are there better options that are free.

OK so should I learn C as a language or follow the manual for the compiler that explains the language assuming there is a such a manual ?

I think both would be a good idea. I originally learned C on PC, and much later used it in embedded systems. Of course you must realize that embedded system, there is no operating system to do the housekeeping for you, and resources are scarce. Otherwise no problem learning the C in general sense.

I think it is best to develop computational algorithms on powerful PC environment, and only when it works properly on the PC, transfer it to embedded environment. Debugging in PC is much easier than in embedded system. Of course, not everything can be done this way, and less if the application is heavily dependent on the HW.


I bet that "Basic" still haves some life in it.
Mostly because its old and backwards compatible.

In got my first training on "Basic" at 1988 , like the first class in college ( The Greek educational system are different) after high-school  we have other naming about schools.  

well all I care for is achieving what I want to achieve, but is C has more mileage in it best learn now than carry on with basic and then have to relearn it all in C

The main advantage of C (at work anyway), is being able to reuse code and change processors-if you want to do this, its good to learn the basic C, most of the proprietary I've used has just been extra functions so its not too hard other versions. For the pure C this is quite a good book, a free download
Because its old it teaches C that also runs on embedded stuff, no GUI bits!
Oh, and a vote for MikroC, good bit of kit, although found it expensive when I bought it (as a student)


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