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Hello. I am designing a usb quick charger. I am using the uP9616PDC8 ic. I have a working prototype based on the datasheet. I want to add a led that turns on when current is flowing through the charger.  The uP9616PDC8 uses a current sense resistor for CC mode and over current protection. I am using a 0.039Ohm sense resistor. I think I need to use a opamp to detect the voltage across the sense resistor to switch on a transistor to drive the led but I'm not sure how to do this. I'm a noob so any help would be much appreciated.

link to datasheet: https://lcsc.com/product-detail/PMIC-Battery-Management_uP9616PDC8_C92690.html

I think a LED + resistor in parallel with L1 would show when the buck converter is operating and the battery is being charged.

the output voltage varies from 3.6v to 12v.

I misunderstood the purpose of this chip. Thought it was a charger chip. Since this supplies voltage to a USB powered device, I don't understand the need to detect current draw. It won't be an indication of charging. The device it supplies power to will show that.

Something like this may work...



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