Author Topic: Voltage-controlled resistors for the PT100 / PT1000 or NTC (12k) simulation  (Read 1984 times)

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I am looking for a circuit with which I can simulate PT100 / PT1000 or NTCs with 12kOhm. I have to test temperature inputs of different CPC boards

I searched the forum but found nothing, the only ones are voltage-controlled current sinks their range but far away is from what I need.
I would have via DAC 12 / 16Bit a current sink build up the maximum 1mA at 3.3V can take up.
Has anyone of you, the more experience has a preface for me what I can begin.
Thank you very much

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Check TIPD120 from Texas Instruments here:
If you open main pdf document, on page 13 there is a simulation schematic for TINA-TI. Something similar can be probably done with LTSpice too.

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I do not want take measure temperatures!
I want to simulate PT100 / PT100 NTC with a voltage-controlled resistance circuit or voltage-controlled current sink.

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So you need a PT100 Simulator/calibrator...

It can be done, but problem is to achieve required precision.. 
Speaking of:
1. so PT100, PT1000 and/or 12k NTC. I would recommend platinum sensor for linearity, NTC for better sensitivity..
2. What temperature range are we talking about?
3. Required precision

If you need this for production, you might need to buy a factory made, calibrated unit so you can guarantee  measurement results..

Take care ,

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Pt100: 80 -120 Ohm /+-1%
PT1000: 800-1200 Ohm /+-1%
NTC:  2-380kOhm /+-1%
Operating Temp. for my board 20-70°C
The total Resistor Range for NTCs and PTs: 80 up to 400 kOhm
Over all max. 1mA / max. 3,3V
My board is for internal use only

Tank you


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