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I am looking for a IC that will do the following:

Count upto 10 and count down from 10, while keeping succesive pins high/low.

For example, I am picturing a chip that has an "increment" pin,  when a voltage pulse is applied to the increment pin, the 1st output pin goes high, when a second pulse is applied, the 1st output pin stays high and the 2nd output pin also goes high.  When the third pulse goes to the increment pin, both the 1st and 2nd out pins stay high and the 3rd outpin is high also...up to 10 output pins.

In the same manner, this chip would have a "decrement" pin, when a pulse is applied, it would reduce the number of output high pins by one.  So if the count was at 3, it would reduce the count 2.

Any suggestions?

I am thinking PIC or AVR for this one. Quick and easy.


You could also do this with a bi-directional shift register (well, probably a few in a chain since a 10-bit one might not be available) -- wire one shift input high, the other low, and then shift left/right as appropriate.  A small uC might take up less space though!

Three 74HC194 in a row and a NAND to stop shifting at 10.

BCD counter is the way to go. Try a 4510.

Edit: After re-reading the thread (I really should read threads carefully before answering), I still think the 4510 would be a potentially viable solution. You would need to decode the output using gates to provide the necessary output, however it could get messy.


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