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Looking for socket for this particular connector

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Sorry about the blurry picture.  If you can't identify let me know I'll beg my sister to take picture with SLR. I'm looking for the socket for that connector. Since there are more connectors used in electronics than you can shake a stick at, I would like some assistance in identifiying this connector please.

That is more than blurry, that is is useless picture if you want somebody to help you identify that connector.

It seems (not sure, there are many alternative) a 2 mm pitch connector made by JST http://www.jst.com/home21.html.

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i measured it fullsize on my screen, its 15mm pitch, so sorry, cant help you there. but if its 2.54mm pitch, then you can diy the "dip female pin" easily available in ebay (china seller).

Take a good magnifying glass and look for manufacturers markings, they are very small but good brand manufacturers have at least the company name somwhere on their connectors.
JST sounds about right, though.


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