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looking for specific "inverted" SMD trim pot

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Hey guys,
First time poster here and I really hope I am posting this in the correct subforum. I am looking for a certain type of SMD trim pot I came across on stepper drivers. The forum search function didnt spit out anything on this specific type or I dont know what to search for. It is circled red in the first picture, which is the bottom view of the stepper. However, the trim pot is actually adjusted from the top through the little hole I pointed to in the second picture. So basically it is an inverted SMD trim pot with the screw pointing towards the PCB. I looked around on Mouser and Aliexpress, but didnt come across anything like it. Could anyone please tell me what type it is and/ or where I can find some of these?

Thank you so much! :)

You can click on the pictures for a more zoomed in view.

you could just route the trace backward :palm:

No you misunderstood, I want to buy these trimmers for a project of my own and they are specifically designed with the adjustable screw pointing towards the PCB. I just cant find this type anywhere to buy or dont know what to look for.

I think the words you're looking for are "bottom adjust".

Thank you! That was the exact hint I needed! The type is called "Bourns TC33B" and is sadly no longer manufactured.


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