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making up etching solution

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So I have my nice 2L bubble etch tank and have aquired the 1Kg of ferric chloride crystals to put in it. The instructions say to mix it up at 35C with 1/2 the total water and then top up. the solution is to be used at 45C, why the 10C difference ?

I was just going to put about half the water in the tank and heat it up to 45C with the provided heater slowly pour the pellets in and let the air bubbles and natural convection of the heater do the mixing although I'm sure I have a stick or something to do a little mixing

No problem doing it at 45ÂșC. The suggested temperature is a minimum so the dissolving time is minimized.

oh right

On the other hand, it is not necessary to heat the solution, but at normal temperatures the etching is very slow.

The FeCl3 is very aggressive with the metal surfaces and it will also stain everything it touches. Be aware.

yea, I'm moving from a 1L cereal box to a proper 2L tank


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