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Microscope for SMD and inspecting work

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--- Quote from: ollihd on May 14, 2021, 09:40:03 am ---Thank you for all the great answers. I'm kind of settling for this one atm:


I can get that one delivered from Poland for 395eur. As far as I can tell, that is a pretty good price?

--- End quote ---
That's the same scope as we have at work, except ours is white.  I don't think that stand with the multi-lointed arm looks good at all.  My stand at home is a beefy 8" lathe chuck with a piece of MacPherson strut as the arm.
The dual-beam stand at work is a bit more flexible, but still stiff enough to hold the scope in place without jiggling.
You want a base that weighs at least 20 Kg, and a stiff arm.

If their LED ring light fits below the scope body on an adaptor ring, don't get it.  You can easily build your own ring light that fits up on the side of the scope body, and is much more out of the way.


Electro Fan:
Here is the end of a thread about a similar journey.  It’s now about half a year later and the update is that the microscope has made a big improvement in my ability to solder through hole and a huge difference in my ability to solder SMD.  The monitor is somewhere between interesting/fun and useful with the simulfocal setup but ~95% of the magic is in the optical view.



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