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min Vds for automotive use

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what would you recommend as the minimum max Vds voltage for a P channel mosfet (so already "floating" at 13V) in an automotive situation ? I'm looking for lowest Ron (1-10 mR range) so I'm left with stuff that is usually no more than 30 V. obviously I can include TVS diodes for protection.

usually a P channel fet allows -20V.
The higer the On voltage the lower the channel resistance.
You can limit the gate voltage with a zener.

but the question being will the 30V mosfet survive an automotive environment ? thats from source to drain

Really up to the datasheet and your circuit protection. I'm sure you've heard of a load dump (100V+ for ~0.5s) -- so long as you can buffer your system from an event like that, go for it.

Well I'd only have room for a few TVS diodes or similar sized protection. most of the time the mosfets will be on so any spikes should pass through them with no ill effect although during start up of the vehicle they will e off so I can't bank on that much


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