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my pcb order issue


I ordered a pcb from PCB CART in china and the board was single sided and was surface mount. The order was filled out as layer = 1 but had soldermask on 2 sides and silkscreen on 2 sides. The pcb had no soldermask on the front side that had no tracks or pads but i wanted the mask so the silkscreen would look good. It shows as finish surface.  Was the order my fault because I only asked for a single layer board or was it an oversight of the supplier. Just dont want it to happen again. Not a big deal yet I only ordered two boards. Any advice is appreciated. Darrell

hm.. I think i'd expect to pay for a 2-layer board if i was getting silkscreening and mask on both sides.

It's probably something you need to ask the production house, see what they class as one/two layer and what they will do for each.
Always a good idea to add some text on a 'FabNotes' layer to make sure the person doing the board knows what you want.

Thanks so much I figure its my fault but i will call them before I do that type of a board again. That fabnote layer is also an excellent idea . great thanks so much again

can you post picture of your faulty pcb? sorry, my language reading and writing is very poor.

You asked for single sided and by the sounds of it only had traces on one side.

If you wanted lower side solder mask and silk screen you would need to supply specific instructions for that to happen.

Even if you asked for double sided you also usually need to explicitly state lower side silk screening.

The fabnotes for your design sound like a very good idea, especially as it is an abnormal request.


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