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Need Help Finding Part for RF Transistor / Oscillator

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hi, i need to know where can i get part in the picture below, or equivalent. from research, its somesort of 433MHz rf transistor and it is used in my Cheapo chinese RF Transmiter module. I've done searching in ebay and google with no success. Location can be from anywhere, hopefully available shipping to Malaysia. Thanx in advance.


It's not a transistor.

It's either a SAW resonator or an oscillator IC, how many pins does it have?

3 pins. its the main drive in the RF transmitter i think, the other components just plain smd transistors, caps and diodes.
edit: this is the whole circuit.

yellow wire tap = serial out from mcu to RF circuit.
big red wire and pcb strip (left bottom) is the RF antenna.
rightmost top chip is a unknown mcu, but dont bother.
the RF circuit is just a quarter area from the whole PCB (bottom), the rest is digital and supporting analog (v.reg etc).

here is a datasheet of something very similar

The SOT23 part is probably the driver transistor.


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