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Title: Need help identifiying SMD component
Post by: Kaluluka on June 23, 2021, 08:58:34 am
I need help with identifiying SMD component.
I have two same PCB’s and nave two different component marking for same componenet.
I have device marked similary with RABR, on both PBC’s and they are Texas Instrument LMV393 Dual Comparators in DDU package.
I attached picrures from both PCB’s and SMD Devices (presumable Texas Instrument!)  marked in one with BRBAA and in other one with BRGAA.
This component is on 3.3 Volt rail and it looks like for High current draw, because 6 PIN contact to one point heat dissipation pad on PCB.
Sadly, I could not find any information after week of research.
Maybe somenoe has an Idea what they are?
THANKS in advance!
Regards to all.