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need help identifying smd component!

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Hi everyone .. i'm new on the forum and i'm full of questions :D

I need your help to identify this little white smd component. It's directly connected to the usb data + and - line. The circuit is a usb wireless adaptor.

The component has been damaged and the usb connector was brutally bended.

I tought about an optocoupler but I can't find anything really similar.
Is there a "quick and dirty"  way to replace the component with something else?
I know that it's easier to buy a new one but i'm doing it only for the pleasure of fixing stuff :D i hate to throw away.

Thanks to all of you!

It might be a USB port terminator and/or EMI/RFI filter. ON Semi sell these (http://www.onsemi.com/PowerSolutions/parametrics.do?id=832&lctn=home), though I couldn't see one that matched yours.

It's probably okay to bypass it completely for testing purposes.


--- Quote from: joelby on January 31, 2011, 12:50:26 am ---It's probably okay to bypass it completely for testing purposes.

--- End quote ---
agree, maybe 2 EMI beads/ferrite combined together. a working bead just a short at both end, so continuity testing among pins might give some clue.

It could be ferrites (and I'm pretty sure it is a common mode choke) but it could also be an ESD protection diode cluster. Something similar to this.


This one has 6 pins, but some only needs 4+gnd.

doing some digging treat on the rt2571wf chip. here's another picture from somewhere, it seems its just like two normal resistors, not sure the label, maybe 000. i bet thats the cheap replacement for the ferrites. or maybe its indeed 2 resistors joined together for smaller footprint i think, but if its 000's, then whats the point? ???

from a forum http://www.hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=16971

and here is the best i got for the datasheet/intro of the chip


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